Activities in the area

There are plenty of well-managed and marked hiking trails around the area. Good ones can be found for example from Torronsuo, Liesjärvi and Saari National Parks. Trails are mostly easy and there are many campfire places on the way. You can also pick up fresh mushrooms and berries from the forest. Good spots are located just around the Villa Ulpu. 

Hakolammi pond is nice and peaceful location for fishing. Best place to catch some fish is on the own pier.  We offer one canoe too for our guests to use freely. 

Good lakeside beaches for swimming are found around Tammela. We recommend to visit at least in Saari National Park (beaches are located nearby the main parking area) and in Ruostejärvi (good one right next to the Häme Nature Centre). 

Häme Nature Centre is located by the Ruostejärvi lake, only 10km drive from the cabin. There are some permanent and changing exhibitions and many events too especially in the summertime.

Sport Centre Eerikkilä is located 15km from the cabin and offers good sport facilities.

In the city Forssa there are shops, restaurants and museums. In Tammela village there are many nice events in the summertime. For example Hakkapeliitta-event in August and Water Hockey World Championships in July. 

Please let us know if you need some suggestions for activities, we are pleased to help you anytime!


  • Tammela 20km
  • Forssa 19km
  • Helsinki Centre 110km
  • Helsinki Airport 100km
  • Tampere 117km
  • Turku 103km